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Media Interviews and Press Releases


CLICK on the YouTube video on the left for the interview.

Host and Award-Winning Author & Journalist GW Pomichter interviews Children's Author Sabrina Clayton of My Cartoon Imagination at School during the Authors for Authors Event at the Hilton Melbourne Florida in Melbourne, Florida.

The Hangin With Web Show / HWWS Web TV wants to send a BIG SHOUT OUT and Thank You to our friends & partners who help support the show, including Mommy and G CreationsFamous Faces & FunniesSpace Coast ComixxJBauerartKrypton RadioHearts Helping Others of Central Florida INC and Brevard Film and Talent.


I am so proud of my dear friend, Sonia Allen, for launching her new podcast called, "The Notable Ones." I was flattered when she invited me for an interview because she is such an inspiration to me. I am sharing my podcast interview here but you can also check out all of her other wonderful episodes as well! Don't miss any of her inspirational upcoming episodes by following her on Instagram @thenotableones and/or on Facebook at "The Notable Ones."

Let's show her our support! 🤗 

#wheregemssharegems #podcasts #friends

#successfulfriends #inspiration

CLICK on "The Notable Ones" purple box on the left for the interview.


CLICK on the YouTube video on the left for the interview.

Welcome to the Friday Night Author Roundtable. During the show, we'll be speaking with several very talented authors about their newly released book, what their inspiration was for creating their unique story, and why it would be a great book to read and share with your friends and family.

** Contact me for special author pricing on both books! Receive a free audiobook after purchase and after posting a review online. Sign up on my mailing list for more information at: or click on the about the author section above and fill out your contact information. **


 Press Release, February 11, 2020


 Press Release, February 11, 2020


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